American Dynamics

American Dynamics, Intellex Ultra in Armenia Vantag LLC

Intellex Ultra

Award-winning Intellex Ultra is a reliable, high performance platform that captures higher...

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American Dynamics, Intellex DVMS in Armenia Vantag

Intellex DVMS

The original digital video management system, Intellex DVMS has been leading the market si...

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American dynamics, Intellex LT in Armenia at Vantag LLC

Intellex LT

Intellex LT delivers key Intellex features in an economical package, providing the best so...

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Amerycan Dynamics Intellex IP in Armenia Vantag

Intellex IP

Intellex IP supports IP cameras with performance of up to 480 ips at 1CIF and 240 ips at 4...

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American Dynamics VideoEdge IP Network Video Recorders (NVR) in Armenia Vantag

VideoEdge IP Network Video Rec...

One of the fastest and most powerful Network Video Recorders (NVRs) in the industry, Video...

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American dynamics, VideoEdge Hybrid NVRs in Armenia Vantag

VideoEdge Hybrid NVRs

Protect your analog camera investment while adding IP cameras at your own rate with VideoE...

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