exacqVision Z-Series Hybrid & IP Network Video Recorders

Z-Series 4U Hybrid Recorder Armenia VANTAG LLC
Large-Capacity Storage with Highest-Performing Enterprise Network Video Recorder

SKU: 90-Ex-Z-NVR

Производитель: Exacq

Extremely High Performance.
The video surveillance requirements of large organizations are often demanding: ample and dependable video retention, intuitive management software, easy expansion, robust integration capabilities. Z-Series Hybrid and IP recorders deliver, offering the highest available throughput, retention, and availability in the exacqVisionportfolio, backed by a 3-year warranty.

Variety of Storage Options
The high-capacity Z-Series recorders can record up to 128 IP and 64 analog cameras at 1200 Mbps per server, and the exacqVision Client can display up to 900 fps on HD streams. That much video can require a lot of storage, and Z-Series servers feature front-accessible storage up to 240 TB, expandable to over 1.6 PB with S-Series networked servers.

Designed for Continuous Uptime
Z-Series recorders are designed to avoid downtime with built-in redundant power supplies and video preservation via RAID 5 or RAID 6. With the operating system installed on a separate solid-state drive, critical video is preserved even in the event of drive failure.
Additionally, the cloud-based Enterprise
System Manager lets users proactively
monitor the system health of Z-Series NVRs.
An intuitive dashboard provides constant
monitoring of server vitals and sends
immediate notifications of potential issues
such as HDD, fan or power supply failures.

Reliable Security, Easy Setup
ExacqVision Z-Series NVRs are powerful,and yet easy to setup and use, getting even the most expansive enterprise up and
running quickly.The recorder is pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional video management system (VMS) software and allows for quick camera setup using EasyConnect. Simply plug in cameras and use the exacqVision Client to automatically find, connect and begin recording.
View Video Anywhere, Anytime
Along with the free client viewing software, exacqVision offers a free mobile app, giving users the ability to view their video and data on the go. Exacq Mobile, available for iOS and Android devices, gives users peace of mind, knowing they can always keep an eye on their business.
Enhance Security and Intelligence
through Integrations
Add the power of tested and certified video analytics, access control, point-of-sale applications and more for enhanced security and business intelligence. All installed on one Z-Series NVR, the integrated systems combine to provide a holistic solution that can address any security challenge without taking up additional rack space.
Scalable Platform Optimizes
Z-Series recorders are compatible with al exacqVision recorders and software and support thousands of IP camera models for maximum scalability. Eight IP camera licenses are included and you can easily add IP cameras as needed with our simple, per-camera license model with no base server fee. 

Features That Make a Difference:

• Store up to 240 TB with front-accessible
storage and expand to over 1.6 PB with
exacqVision S-Series networked storage
• Continuously record up to 128 IP and 64
analog cameras at 1200 Mbps per server
for surveillance vigilance
• Separate operating system and video
storage volumes prevent loss of critical
• Solid state drives and optional RAID 5 or
RAID 6 provides uninterrupted operation
• Pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional
software for out of the box simplicity
• Compatible with Illustra and thousands of
other IP camera models, making it easy to
find the right camera
• Free Exacq Mobile app allows users to
view video from anywhere
• Enhance security through 3rd party
• Includes a 3-year hardware warranty and
3 years of unlimited software updates