Illustra 400 IP Series Cameras

Illustra 400 IP Series Cameras Armenia VANTAG LLC
½ Megapixel Indoor Mini-Dome

SKU: 110-AD-I400-C

products.manufacturers: Illustra , American Dynamics

The Illustra 400 Series Indoor Mini-Dome has a compact design and comes in a variety of colors.

Its 896 x 720 resolution setsit apart as a versatile device bridging “standard resolution” with 650k pixels for very high resolution. This powerful resolution and H.264 compression creates a blend of image quality and bandwidth-friendly performance.

With wide dynamic range, advanced onboard storage, and remote management, these IP cameras deliver superior quality and versatility. Power over Ethernet (802.11 af PoE) enables a single cable to power the device while sending video and receiving commands, saving time and installation costs.

PoE also powers the integrated IR illuminators up to 16.76m (55 ft). The IR illuminators take the Illustra 400 Mini-Dome’s low light performance to a higher level. While the 400 Series delivers clarity at 0.2 lux in color and 0.01 lux in black & white, the IR illuminator allows these levels to go even lower. When low light is important, the illuminators will light the scene when there is zero ambient light.

Features That Make a Difference:

 //Wide dynamic range for clarity in backlit environments 
 //Leading low light clarity with true day/night functionality 
 //H.264 compression up to 30 ips
 //Range of resolution options over 0.5 megapixel 
 //Dual streaming video
 //Remote access to onboard storage managed by schedule, motion detection, alarm or network loss