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Sensormatic Magnetic AM/RFID Tag Vantag Armenia

Magnetic AM/RFID Tag

The RFID component stores information specific to the protected merchandise for item-level...

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Sensormatic Magnetic RF MVST-R in Armenia VANTAG

Magnetic RF MVST-R Tag

This hard tag is applied to soft goods at the point of manufacturing to help eliminate in-...

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Sensormatic MVST-R Tag in Vantag Armenia


Designed for a wide range of soft goods, the recirculated Magnetic VST-R is applied at the...

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Sensormatic Non-Deactivatable  SuperTag VST-R  Vantag Armenia

Non-Deactivatable SuperTag VST...

Designed for a wide range of soft goods, the non-deactivatable recirculated SuperTag VST-R...

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Sensormatic Soft Tag Vantag Armenia

Soft Tag

The Soft Tag is sealed inside a flexible clear plastic pouch for easy reuse without having...

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Sensormatic Super Tag III in Armenia

SuperTag III

This SuperTag provides top-of-the-line protection for high-theft, high-value items.

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