Ultra-Gator Tag

Sensormatic Ultra-Gator Tag in Armenia VANTAG
This all-purpose, reusable hard tag provides protection and standard defeat resistance of general merchandise.

SKU: 10-S-UG-ZL92

Manufacturer: Sensormatic

This all-purpose hard tag is a highly visible shoplifting deterrent. The traditional lock design provides moderate defeat resistance for a wide range of merchandise. It can be attached via tack, lanyard, Versatie or VersaTack.

// Standard EAS asset protection at an affordable price

// Lightweight design ideal for protecting small or sensitive merchandise

// Promotes open merchandising for increased sales

Type Acousto-Magnetic (AM)
Color Tan
Length (mm) 95
Width (mm) 29
Depth (mm) 16.4
Weight (g) 13.2
Pullout Force (kg) 54.43