Deactivatable SuperTag VST-R

Sensormatic SuperTag Deactivitable VST-R in Vantag Armenia
Designed for a wide range of soft goods, the deactivatable recirculated SuperTag VST-R is applied to soft goods at the point of manufacturing to deliver floor-ready merchandise to the retailer.

SKU: 10-SST-VST-01

Manufacturer: Sensormatic

The Deactivatable SuperTag VST-R is a Sensormatic visible source tag that is part of a low-cost-per-use recirculation program. This hard tag is applied to soft goods at the point of manufacturing to help reduce operational costs and eliminate in-store tagging labor. This tag also features a robust locking mechanism with 36.29kg of pull-out force.

// SuperTag, the gold standard in asset protection, features a patented clamp design for superior defeat resistance

// Merchandise arrives sales-floor ready for immediate product availability

// Reduces lost sales and eliminates labor costs associated with in-store tagging, allowing store associates to better serve customers

// Improves tagging compliance with tagging at the point of manufacturing

// Substantiates/endorses green initiatives by reducing waste through recycling used tags for reapplication

Type Acousto-Magnetic (AM)
Color Charcoal
Length (mm) 62
Width (mm) 31
Depth (mm) 19
Weight (g) 8.67(Width Tack)
Pullout Force (kg) 36.29