HID® Lumidigm® V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader

HID® Lumidigm® V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader in Armenia at Vantag LLC
The Lumidigm® V371 Fingerprint Reader combines the industry-leading biometric authentication of HID Global’s multispectral fingerprint sensors and best-in-class contactless OMNIKEY® desktop card-reading technology into a single, integrated unit for strong multi-factor authentication.

SKU: 30-HLV--V371-FR

Manufacturer: HID

Sometimes it’s enough to validate a card; sometimes knowing “who” is critical. Whatever authentication policy is employed, HID Global’s Lumidigm V371 Fingerprint Reader allows easy verification of contactless cards and fingerprint biometrics on a single device.

The solution provides reliable, convenient and secure method for authenticating both a credential and the individual presenting it. The Lumidigm V371 Fingerprint Reader is ideal for applications leveraging biometric citizen ID cards.

Key Benefits

Secure and Convenient — Provides reliable biometric authentication information that can be used to verify the identity of anyone, anytime. Simply place a card in the cradle and a finger on the plate and legitimate users can be on their way.

Eliminates Fraud — Multi-factor solution protects against fake fingerprints and detects the use of shared or stolen ID cards.

Real Identity Verification — Augment existing credentials with a biometric enrollment for multi-factor verification of the user and their card.

DISCLAIMER: The Lumidigm V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader, as sold, does not perform match-on-card functionality. Match-on-card functionality may be covered by one or more patents, including US Patents RE43,333 and RE44,034, owned by third parties. The V371 should not be used to perform match-on-card functionality without first determining whether a license is needed and obtaining such a license as appropriate.