SuperTag III

Sensormatic Super Tag III in Armenia
This SuperTag provides top-of-the-line protection for high-theft, high-value items.


Manufacturer: Sensormatic

This SuperTag provides top-of-the-line theft protection for everything from heavy outerwear to delicate intimate garments. The sleek shape provides a strong visual deterrent without detracting from highend merchandise, letting retailers open merchandise with confidence.

// SuperTag, the gold standard in asset
protection, features a patented clamp
design for superior defeat resistance
// Sleek, aesthetic design helps minimize
impact to merchandise on display
// Promotes open merchandising for
increased sales

Type Acousto-Magnetic (AM)
Color Gray, Black
Length (mm) 69,0
Width (mm) 30.5
Depth (mm) 18.8
Weight (g) 9,7
Pullout Force (kg) 63,5